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That night in frustration over dating I looked up The LDS Matchmaker’s website and filled out the online form. It felt safer to have someone screening the dates, like there’s less personal risk.

They emailed me awhile later and said there was a guy interested in meeting me and sent me information about him.

We got to know each other over a tropical fruit blend and had a great time.

Over the weeks and months after we met, I became enamored with her and believed I was falling in love. I had serious reservations inside myself about being in a committed relationship that was headed toward marriage.

I loved being married and didn’t feel like I could hold on much longer by myself.

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After searching for all of those years, l‘ve finally found the girl of my dreams.At first I was intimidated because he had four kids, and I didn’t know if we’d match up politically. We’re both so glad we found The LDS Matchmaker and recommend their services to anyone in the LDS culture frustrated by traditional dating.But I also saw that we had some common interests, seemed to have similar standards and even shared the same callings in the church. We first talked on the phone and then met right away. Natalie and Scott As a Medical Resident in my second year, my life as a doctor left very little time for dating. I barely had time to eat a meal let alone meet someone great.Darlene and I were introduced by The LDS Matchmaker. We had tons in common and I actually had chemistry with her!We had both grown pretty frustrated with the dating scene. I had tried everything from Mid-Singles conferences to singles wards to online dating to blind dates without success. They screened their matches so I wasn’t wasting time with someone I wasn’t attracted to and had nothing in common with. At the end of the night, I walked her to her car, got her number, and the rest is history.

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