Somali chat line number

Conference is a free on-demand telephone conferencing service that can be used instantly, reliably and securely. For conferences greater than 2500 participants, please contact us.Everyone who calls the assigned Conference number and enters their conference ID, will be connected instantly. Maximum time: Unlimited Conference Dial-in Number: 712-432-9900 Conference ID: Assigned to you You can also create additional conference ID's Moderator PIN: Can be used with each access code Availability: 24-7 reservationless conferencing Expiration: Account never expires There is no limit to how many conferences you can conduct or when they can occur.

Participants can access basic conference controls such as the help menu, self-mute, etc. Conference Touch-Tone Quick Reference This touch-tone guide is for use while on a conference call.

Moderator Pin - This action gives the organizer/moderator the ability to lock the conference, change the conference mode between conversation, Q&A and presentation mode, optional entry and exit tones and the option to announce the number of participants on the call.

You may have multiple organizers/moderator during a conference.

Record Mode -- To record anytime during the conference, the moderator/organizer can simply select "record" from the web panel over via telephone touchtones (see Pocket Guide). Once the recording is complete, it will remain available until you for 90 days.

It recommened that if you wish to keep your recordings longer than 90 days, that you download the recording and save it to your hard drive. Your have the option of converting your recording to MP3 format or just saving as a . Those that missed the conference call also have the option of accessing the conference call from a telephone, as long as the moderator has selected the sharing feature from the moderator panel.

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