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It was constructed of wood, so thick and strong, that the shot from my guns could not penetrate it at the short distance of a cables length.” The fort was attacked by Russian forces and a naval escort, led by Baranov, in early October 1804.Although the repulsed a ground attack, the defenders concluded that ammunition and reinforcements were inadequate to hold the fort in the face of extensive cannon fire from the Russian ships, including the 350 ton clan and the Tlingit community.During its first comprehensive inventory for archeological resources, Sitka National Historical Park in Alaska discovered the location of the Tlingit fort built to prepare for battle with the Russian colonists.

Then read your FREE Compatibility profile® and meet Alaska singles that are truly right for you.In 1802, Tlingit warriors successfully attacked the Russian fort at Starrigavin Bay.Killing or driving off the inhabitants of the fort, they destroyed the buildings and a ship that was being built.One by one, other clans from Sitka and surrounding communities came forward to speak or sing, making it clear that the effects of the battle reached deeply into the Tlingit community.Toward the end of the ceremony, the children of the opposite clans were called forward to remove the black marks from the faces of the the next day.

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