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These settlements were made by people from Massachusetts and Connecticut.The second British settlement at Bennington in the southwest corner of Vermont would not be made until after 37 years of conflict in the region.There were regular periods of skirmishing between English colonies to the south and the French colony to the north, and the area of Vermont was an unsettled frontier.In 1704, De Rouville passed up the Winooski (Onion) River, to reach the Connecticut, and then down to Deerfield, Massachusetts, which he raided.This event caused lamprey, Atlantic salmon, and rainbow smelt to become landlocked. From 1000 BC to 1600 AD was the Woodland Period, when villages and trade networks were established, and ceramic and bow and arrow technology were developed.The western part of the state became home to a small population of Algonquian-speaking tribes, including the Mohican and Abenaki peoples.

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France claimed Vermont as part of New France, and erected Fort Sainte Anne on Isle La Motte in 1666 as part of their fortification of Lake Champlain.

The geologic history of Vermont begins more than a million years ago during the Cambrian and Devonian periods.

Human history of Native American settlement can be divided into the hunter-gatherer Archaic Period, from c.

It has been suggested that a possible alternative source of the name was "Vers Monts," meaning "towards mountains", so-called because Champlain approached the mountains from the relatively flat plains of Quebec.

To aid and impress his new Abenaki allies, Champlain shot and killed an Iroquois chief with an arquebus, July 29, 1609.

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