Single nerds dating

Perhaps you can find a special someone to rewrite thought-bubble conversations with you amongst the prints.

Hobbys: Star Wars Heutzutage ist kaum ein Single NICHT auf diversen Dating-Seiten registriert.

Sie widmet sich ausschließlich ''Geeks'', die in Zukunft nicht nur eine Beziehung mit Ihrem Computer haben wollen.

Partner finden Nutzer dieser Dating-Plattform können angeben, welche nerdigen Dinge sie mögen und welche Vorbilder sie haben.

Dabei peppen die meisten mächtig ihr Profil auf und werden so schnell zum Super-Liebhaber, der Sit-Ups auf einem Surfbrett vollzieht, während er ein Katzenbaby vom Baum rettet - utopisch, aber wahr!

Don't be jealous when she's crushing hard on some fictional man or woman.Chat up the lucky bibliophile amongst the gorgeous book-lined walls of this Greenpoint getaway — it's a café by day and a wine bar/restaurant by night. Bryant Park The New York Public Library is a great place to peek at potential dates, but it’s a little harder to actually meet them — most rooms are too quiet for that bombastic laugh you do when you’re trying to flirt. In nice weather, you can find lots of studied-out bookworms relaxing and, perhaps, looking for a friend to explore the card catalog with. Instead, stop by the Paley Center to catch weekend screenings of shows like '90s Nicktoons or Landmark Sunshine Cinema Sure, you kinda have to keep it down once you’re inside the movie theater, but in line outside the Sunshine is a great place to strike up a conversation with a fellow Godard-head.Twenty Sided Store Yearning to find the perfect 8th-level rogue for your 7th-level cleric? Then, grab a seat together and split a box of Junior Mints. ")Apple Store Nothing can bring two nerds closer than grousing over their technology woes while waiting for attention from the Genius Bar.And, luckily for you, Nerd York City is full of places where you can do just that.Unnameable Books There are many great bookstores in New York City, and while almost all of them have potential for a rom-com-worthy introduction ("Oops, did I just graze your hand while reaching for that obscure Russian novel? It’s small and intimate, the selection is top-notch (so you know the patrons will be, too), and once you’ve decided who gets first dibs on that copy of Milk & Roses Do you need a little lubrication to approach that literary love of yours?

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