Single firemen dating motherdaughter dating site for ffm

I dont know of any place paticular that they hang out. Where Im from they have a place like that a guy that was a fire fighter opened it up..gone over real good.

the divorce rate here is horrible for cops and firemen. if you want a real man.....a construction worker...know how to work a real job!

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We send a shout out of respect and appreciation for the amazing work, sacrifice, and protection that our local firefighters and emergency care providers provide us to safeguard our homes and protect us from fires, accidents and hazards.It was a great place to go and de-stress, let your hair hang out without worrying about running into a drunk somebody you picked up on a call or just arrested.Wish we could come up with something like that around here, maybe a bunch of us can pool our money and start one??Message members in real time from Firemen and women in your area. I am a 40-something single female looking to meet with firefighters, police, paramedics, etc to have fun, build relationships and maybe more. I'm not sure about the Cops they used to hang out at the Moose lodge but that was years ago. girl....i wouldn't waste my time on any of these local firefighters or cops.

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