Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter

Carpentier recently spoke to Replay correspondent Randi Druzin about his career, his wife's backseat driving and the bombastic Paul Tracy. Randi Druzin: You were on the team that finished second at the 24 Hours of Daytona [an endurance race held annually at Daytona International Speedway] in January. Nor is it a new problem in the NHL, as anyone who loved Patty La Fontaine or Eric Lindros can attest.But it seems, these days, to be one of hockey’s biggest problems of all.Until January, everything was going according to plan. Crosby’s 2010 included an overtime gold-medal-winning goal at the Vancouver Olympics, a starring role in HBO’s universally beloved 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic documentary, a 25-game point streak spanning the months of November and December in which Crosby recorded 26 goals and 24 assists, and even, for good measure, a nonchalant home run during batting practice at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park.A few days before the Winter Classic, the heavily hyped outdoor hockey game that would feature Crosby and the Penguins against longtime foil Alex Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals, no less an all-timer than Mario Lemieux said, in a rare press conference, that “what [Sid’s] doing now is much more impressive than what I did years ago.” And it was during the Winter Classic that it happened: an away-from-the-play hit brought Crosby to his hands and knees.Patrick Carpentier is one of Canada's most popular race car drivers. The native of La Salle, Quebec has been making headlines since 1997, when he was named top rookie on the CART (now Champ Car) circuit. We had some good power and reliability in that race. It was good timing and a little bit of luck - and the car lasted. I had a good time in the Champ [formerly CART] series and I liked a lot of the tracks we went to.

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Before he was even drafted he was anointed as “The Next One” — hockey shorthand for the next Gretzky, the next player who could bridge the gap between hockey fanatics and casual weekend watchers of NBC. PC: I once passed a car because the guy in front of me was going really slowly. It was a great honour to be congratulated by Lemieux, and to be in that company. The Calder Trophy went to Russian Alexander Ovechkin, who scored 106 points for the Washington Capitals. He can score goals from anywhere so he's dangerous when he's out there. Usually, she drives and I sit in the passenger seat. The thing I'm afraid of here [in Las Vegas] is that drivers carry guns under their seats. We were getting closer and closer [to making the playoffs]. RD: Despite your success last season, you finished second in voting for the rookie-of-the-year award. It's hard to say what future rookie classes will look like, but I think ours will be a good candidate for being considered one of the best. PC: One of the big challenges for me was driving in IRL. [In an NHL preview, the magazine ran a story focusing on the two players.] Other than that, I've only come across him during and after games. Obviously, the team fell short [and was eliminated in the quarter-finals]. " But now that I've been playing on the team for more than a year, the other guys are usually quick to stop anyone from touching the sticks. You know, sometimes a guy will touch my stick before a game and I play well. When you come to such a it's good to come with a teammate so you can compare your data, where you're braking, how you're driving - and to make sure you're doing everything right. PC: I always had a good relationship with him as a teammate. Not all drivers have had a great relationship with him. But if you don't respect him on the track he's not going to respect you - and it gets worse from there. It was a different kind of racing but I really enjoyed it. I just love that car -- the curves and the front with the big opening. The one I have is all black with black wheels and I really like it. We did a thing with Sports Illustrated a while ago. I would never second-guess anyone representing the country. I think there are a lot of players who arguably could have been there. I'm just looking forward to hopefully getting a chance to play at the 2010 Winter Games. When that happens I say to them, politely, "Could you please not touch them?

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