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Most people eventually break up with the people they dated when they were 18.

Jay and Alexis openly confessed to conflict in their relationship when I talked to them in June. "We fight hardcore, but there's also love hardcore.

Via photos, comments and hashtags, many Instagram members are inviting other users to join them for “Kik Sex” on the messaging app Kik, where individuals can chat privately or exchange nude photos. Girls who wanna play post a comment and I’ll kik you,” wrote one Instagram user in a post that included the tags “instaboner,” “instac*ck,” “instahorny,” “instap*ssy,” and “f*ckme.” “Don’t be shy. Hit me up hotties." The post received 17 “likes.” Instagram’s adult-content alter ego comes as no surprise: the deluge of explicit imagery accompanies nearly every social network’s transition to the mainstream.

More users invariably means more sex, and the top three most popular social media sites in the U. -- Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – as well as Tumblr, the tenth most popular, have all struggled to crack down on users whose X-rated postings violate their terms of service.

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"They can not only keep their following, but double it — if they're smart. When you live your life on social media, this is not optional. If that's the case, then the fan speculation just leads to more focus on the Jay and Alexis spaces, and could that be such a bad thing? Two years of romance can be an eternity, especially when you're young.If you don't fight, you're not being true to yourself.""Our work is together, our private life is together, everything's together, so, yes, we argue," Alexis said.Just think of the leveraging you can do with such a loyal following — it wasn't long before Hyundai and Express were clamoring to work with them.But in the past couple of months, the relationship — to fans, at least — seems to have soured.

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