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The common element that unites these seemingly opposite sexual obsessions is the fear of being attracted to something unwanted, taboo, or “unacceptable” based on one’s particular worldview.For the sake of simplicity, I’ll be using HOCD-centric language in this post.It was only after the first unwanted thought “popped” that they became overly concerned about the prospect of being gay.

Faulty beliefs about sexuality and sexual orientation perpetuate fear about the possible consequences of resisting OCD-related compulsions.

However, the same basic elements are directly applicable to all people with obsessive doubts about their sexual orientation.

People with HOCD worry that they might secretly be gay or might become gay, despite not questioning their sexuality in the past.

In some cases, individuals with HOCD experiment with homosexual relationships or adopt gay lifestyles because of doubt about their heterosexuality.

This doubt causes them to leave their current spouses/partners, “come out,” and begin to date same sex individuals.

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