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Antiochus in turn withdrew his troops westwards, where he would subsequently be embroiled in wars with Rome and so would leave the fledgling Parthian kingdom to its own devices.

Arsaces II was succeeded by his son (or cousin) Phriapatius in 185 BC.

Nevertheless, it would seem that Balash was only a nominee of the powerful nobleman and de facto ruler Sukhra.

Tilburg staat vol met prachtige oude gebouwen die ideaal zijn voor mooie wandelingen. Zoals gezegd zijn er genoeg avontuurlijke dingen te beleven in Tilburg. Je kunt hier niet alleen maar genieten van de leuke attracties, maar kunt er ook romantische dingen met zijn tweetjes beleven.This allowed the Armenians under Vahan Mamikonian to liberate Armenia from the Sasanians.Given the situation of the weakness in Persia, Balash did not send an army to fight the rebels, which forced him to conclude peace with the Armenians.Prior to this, Antiochus had already occupied the Parthian capital at Hecatompylos, pushing forward to Tagae near Damghan.Following the defeat of Arsaces II at Mount Labus, Antiochus turned westwards into Hyrcania where he occupied Tambrax. In the terms of peace, Arsaces accepted feudatory status and from then onwards ruled Parthia and Hyrcani as a vassal state of the Seleucids.

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