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Liverpool VCT, Care & Treatment, PO Box 19835-00202, Nairobi, Kenya.b.Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, England.c.Where HIV-test counselling existed, it was delivered in the context of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT).Formal counselling for sexual trauma, where it existed, did not give consideration to HIV testing.Many health-care workers end up doing HIV testing and also trauma counselling in addition to their normal duties.This translates into provider stress, high attrition rates and inconsistent service delivery that challenge the investment in capacity building described in this paper.

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Each team assigned the coordination of post-rape care services to an individual member, who then liaised with the local police to ensure immediate referral of survivors to health facilities.

Beyond a requirement that examinations be undertaken by a doctor, there were no reporting requirements and an absence of monitoring and evaluation of services.

Furthermore, survivors were required to pay for drugs and services in public institutions.

Police signed for any specimens they removed from casualty thus initiating a chain of custody of evidence.

Data was captured by registers on the history of the alleged assault, therapies provided and specimens collected.

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