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They displayed the same doubts, fears and motivations, and all that separates the ancient Egyptians from the modern world is how such emotions were acted upon.

In the modern world, ‘sex sells’ and can at times be considered gratuitous or even taboo.

To the Egyptians, sex was a life staple, on a par with eating and sleeping and therefore not something to be sniggered at, embarrassed about or avoided.

The Egyptian language for example – like modern English – had many words for sexual intercourse, with the most common being .

These poems also provide insight into the cultural practices of the time.

The ancient Egyptians also used sexual language to insult, to curse and as general exclamations.To hurry along a work colleague, an Egyptian boatman may have called: ‘Come on, you fornicator,’ as attested in the Old Kingdom tomb of Ti at Saqqara, a phrase considered inoffensive enough to be in the tomb with the deceased for eternity.The only image of a couple making love is a hieroglyphic sign in a Middle Kingdom tomb (c.2000 BC) at Beni Hasan.Being able to find time alone to have sex would have been difficult if not impossible, so it is likely that sex was not necessarily something to be performed in seclusion but through stolen moments, opportunely or quietly whilst others around slept.Whilst sex was a normal part of everyday life, it was still considered preferable within the confines of marriage.

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