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Some frustrated drivers abandoned their cars and headed to the nearest service stations and pubs in search of subsistence, as Manchester United fans battle to get to the 3pm game against Southampton in time.The northbound carriageway was re-opened at 1.40pm, while southbound motorists have only just started moving with the road re-opening at 3.20pm.There are other people driving on the hard shoulder trying to get out.It's a really hot day and no one has told us anything.'During the four hours they had been in the traffic, Ms Cameron said she had moved just 600 meters.

THE HISTORY OF SWANZEY^ NEW HAMPSHIRE, FROM 1734 TO 1890. Our fathers' God', from out thy hands The centuries drop like grains of sand. SALEM, MASS.: The Salem Press Publishing and Printing Co. This feeling is not limited to civilized society, it is not peculiar to people who have a written language. A similar article was inserted in 1881 and a verbal report made at the meeting by the committee. Ecclesiastical — Congregational Church, Formation, Early History, Members, Ministers, Officers, Parsonage, Congregational Society, Names of Members, Officers, Ladies' Society, Sunday School, Church Choir, Society Funds, Meeting-Houses, Baptist Ciuirch, Meth- odist Episcopal Church, Universalist Society. Mack, Mann, Mc Farland, Mansfield, 399; Marble, Marcy, Marsh, 400 ; Marshall, Martin, Marvin, Mason, 401 ; Matthews, 403 ; Meadi Mellen, Merriam, 404 ; Metcalf, Moore, 405 ; Morse, 406 ; Munsell, Murdock, Murdough, Murphy, 407. Upon the rich moist upland the white asli thrived, and the black ash was common upon the swamps and meadows. 7 A limited number of basswood and butternuts were found upon the uplands, and spruces and buttonwood along the river bottoms and swamps. Forensic teams examined the scene and a police cordon remains in place over a pedestrian bridge between junctions 10 and 11.Grace Cameron, 24, was travelling down from London to Dorset for the weekend with her friends when they were caught in the traffic near Winchester.Hampshire Police said they were working with fire crews and the Ministry of Defence's Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) to try to find out what the suspect package may be and how it came to be there.A police statement read: 'With regards to the hazardous material found on the M3 this morning, investigations are still on-going at this time to determine exactly what it is and how it got there.'A bomb squad used a robot to investigate the item which was found to contain no explosives.

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