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In addition to demanding Wolfe's removal, the protestors wanted a handwritten apology in which he, among other things, acknowledged his white privilege.But would such an admission from Wolfe (or anyone else) measurably improve the lives of blacks and other minorities at the University of Missouri, or anywhere else for that matter?Assuming the protestors are really interested in raising black enrollment and graduation rates at the University of Missouri, their mentors and friends should have helped them formulate a much more comprehensive strategic plan.The emotional struggle the students face as a tiny minority at a white school will not be easily fixed by the University, because it requires resilience that must be built from childhood.Can it be possible to find common ground between these two positions, rather than each side trying to bully the other into submission?This is a deeply complex issue, but it often devolves into a battle to place blame rather than to formulate solutions.I had to navigate Williams College and later on Harvard Business School as one of just a few black students.

The incident occurred at Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi.

Anger and frustration over "marginalized students' experience" had been brewing on campus for quite a while, dating back at least to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, just over a hundred miles away.

I think opponents of the protestors (and the subsequent resignations) would do well to recognize several things.

Walker apparently called the police on the daughter when the two lovers got into a heated argument.

The outraged mom stood up in church during service and the video, which can be seen below was recorded and uploaded to You Tube.

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