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In her stunning pictorial biography, co-written with Cindy De La Hoz (author of two books on Monroe), Turner’s daughter, Cheryl Crane, states that her mother ‘thought Marilyn Monroe was a fine actress besides being a fascinating personality’.

Lana was born Julia Jean Turner of Wallace, Idaho in 1921.

And Rooney is said to have been dining at the Villa Nova restaurant earlier that year when Marilyn went on her first date with Joe Di Maggio.

In another breach of good taste, Rooney later described Marilyn as ‘one of the best cocksuckers in Hollywood’.

In recent years, he has become – along with James Bacon and Tony Curtis – one of many men who has made a second career by spinning lurid tales about Marilyn.

As with Lana, however, there is no real evidence that Marilyn and Mickey were ever anything more than casual acquaintances.

She was devastated by press reports that Gable’s widow, Kay Spreckles, blamed his collapse on Marilyn’s behaviour during filming.

Lana’s first scene, in which she walked down a street wearing a form-fitting top, led to her being labelled ‘The Sweater Girl’, a name she detested. She joked about it during a performance for US troops in 1952: ‘You fellows are always talking about sweater girls. In 1949, Hyde met Marilyn in Palm Springs, and was instantly smitten.In the latter case, it is well-known that her name was created in 1946 by Marilyn herself and the Fox talent chief, Ben Lyon.(‘Marilyn’ was inspired by a Broadway star of the 1920s, Marilyn Miller, while ‘Monroe’ was the maiden name of Marilyn’s own mother.) In 1948, Marilyn was Rooney’s ‘arm candy’ at the premiere of the Billy Wilder movie, , in which Rooney starred as a roller-derby champ.In one famous scene, she was filmed taking the longest walk in cinematic history.‘I’ve never wiggled deliberately in my life,’ Marilyn insisted, ‘but all my life I’ve got in trouble with people who say I do.’ Lana was also famed for her style of walking.

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