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She was then repeatedly sexually assaulted, before she was murdered.Appearing via a video link, Grammer, now 59, told those present that while he accepted Glenn might have reformed his character, he could not give his support to him being given parole."She was a terrific kid.Doctors reviewed the original medical exams of the victims and found that the original doctor, Nancy Kellogg, erred in testifying that the girls had definitely been sexually assaulted; at most, Kellogg later admitted, the results were inconclusive. Ramirez’s family believed the two victims had been coached by their father, Javier Limon.He was an ex-boyfriend of Ramirez’s sister who the family said had made romantic advances toward the much younger Ramirez.She was a wonderful, wonderful person," he told him.Glenn interrupted Grammer to apologise, to which the actor responded: "Thank you. I forgive you."I miss her all the time and I accept that you live with remorse, but I live with tragedy every day of mine."I want to believe you have actually changed your life," Grammer said.

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His wife, Katya Grammer, gave birth to the couple’s second child last week.

In 1997, Ramirez was sentenced to 37.5 years while her three friends — Anna Vasquez, Cassie Rivera, and Kristie Mayhugh — got 15 years each in a separate 1998 trial.

The girls had stayed with “Aunt Liz” for a week because their father had been busy with work.

He was initially sentenced to death for his crimes, before the Colorado death penalty was overturned.

Yesterday (30 August), a corrections department spokeswoman confirmed to the that Glenn’s parole had been denied.

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