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Ruling on the validity of two laws passed by the Legislature to protect the health and safety of women receiving abortions, Judge Wickham Corwin claimed that the North Dakota constitution contains an implicit right to abortion.Judge Corwin’s ruling is being reviewed by the North Dakota Supreme Court.Even if they overturn him, the assault on our pro-life laws from groups like Planned Parenthood will continue. The amendment leaves decisions about abortion to our elected officials.Activists in several other states have been able to convince state judges there to create a right to abortion. North Dakota has a number of strong, common-sense pro-life laws designed to protect women and their unborn children. Reproductive Health Services, let stand a similar law from Missouri.The other prohibited women from having an abortion based on the sex of a fetus or because a fetus has a genetic defect. Mac Schneider (D-42) said the legislature should focus on crime and infrastructure improvement, rather than "expensive and potentially protracted abortion litigation." He continued, "There hasn't been near enough attention given to the costs as we've debated these issues.Supporters of the bills said their goal was to challenge the United States Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. We need to be honest with taxpayer funds and that is: We will be spending money on attorneys." Rep.Currently, no state defines the “inalienable right to life” for humans as beginning at conception.

Neither North Dakota law nor the proposed Human Life Amendment contain an absolute ban on abortion. The campaign's main argument was that "Measure 1 is poorly written and the unclear language leaves it open to interpretation – leading to more government intrusion into our personal lives.We recognize that human life is a gift that deserves protection.Similarly, we believe that abortion is morally wrong.They also argued that the measure would protect existing laws regulating abortion from being overturned by judges.The following officials sponsored the amendment in the North Dakota Legislature: Q. North Dakotans are a just and compassionate people.

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