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That raised memories of Todd Akin, the Republican Senate candidate who in 2012 said victims of “legitimate rape” rarely got pregnant, an assertion that Democrats hung around every candidate that year. Moore’s interview within the sympathetic confines of Mr.Hannity’s show, which was also an initial safe harbor for Mr. Hannity if he ever dated teenagers when he was in his 30s, Mr.Mc Connell was said to be highly irritated that, after he had fended off problematic candidates in recent years, Mr. Moore responded to the charges, but there were conversations about eventually issuing a joint statement.Moore had instantly revived the type of difficulties Republicans suffered with Mr. But in Alabama, Republicans appeared far more willing to give Mr. “Let’s let this thing work out,” said Trip Pittman, a state senator. Some of them were rattled — and not just because of the Moore story.

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In addition to state election laws, such an extreme step could also run afoul of federal voting rights law. Moore stayed in the race and won, the members of the Senate would deny him a seat.Akin in 2012, made Republicans in the capital only more determined that he had to step aside. Moore equivocated, replying, “Not generally, no.” Some Senate Republicans have encouraged Mr. Moore in a bitterly contested Republican runoff election in September — to run as a write-in candidate, an option Mr.“I don’t remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” Mr. Strange is considering, according to Republicans who have spoken with him.But some Republicans believe he would do little more than play spoiler, ensuring either that Mr. Jones would otherwise get or that the Democrat wins by siphoning support from Mr.Moore among Republicans seeking a palatable third option. Mc Connell and Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, spoke with Mr. Mc Connell said only that “you’d have to ask Luther what his intentions are, given this development.” Republicans in Washington and Alabama have also approached other potential candidates about a write-in effort, including Representative Robert B.

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