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Well, a source told People that she was never able to forget her first boyfriend."Justin was Selena's first love.He will always have a special place in her heart," the source said. Related: Sean's Bizarre Kidnapping Case Is Totally Closed!

When Kingston said this, the interviewer was all of us because he was completely thrown off guard by the response. 0 million and all she wore was Nike track suits. When I go anywhere and I take out my card, she slap me on the hand like ’put your card back.’"Kingston continued: "I was ohhh Ms.

On Saturday, Kingston posted — and then deleted — a vid in which he voiced his opinion over siding with Meek in regards to recent events (below), and that ended up setting off a true firestorm in response: singer's claims about being kidnapped and robbed as they've ruled the incident a simple business dispute. As we previously reported, the 25-year-old revealed that he was briefly taken hostage by a jeweler over a 5,000 watch.

Apparently, Sean made payments on a time piece — but only paid 5,000 because that's how much he thought it was worth. Related: Vine Star Arrested After Standoff With Police Anywho, the Jamaican-American performer and the accused agreed to , the singer made payments on the time piece — but only totaling in the amount of 5,000 because that's how much he thought it was worth.

Law enforcement sources say someone from the singer's camp fired a gun, but no one was hit.

Sean and Migos all left the scene before cops arrived — but the 27-year-old was later photographed being cuffed and questioned by police.

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