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What Height says is undeniably true, and it needs to begin in our educational system.People who volunteer at an age where social interaction is essential, high school, will carry this message with them through life.In fact, many students leave high school with no intention of going to college.Some join the military and others already have job prospects to pursue.The law also defines a "school" as any public or private school, pre-k through technical or college level.In order to comply with the regulations, the White County School System will provide training and certification for all of our volunteers."Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life.

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Dorothy Height, president and CEO of the National Council of Negro Women.During the training, volunteers will learn the following: In addition,if parents/guardians chaperone field trips they must complete the mandated reporter training as well as any background checks required.The trainings/checks must be completed on a yearly basis and are valid for the current school year.Volunteering at a retirement village provides us with a great opportunity to meet new people and enrich the lives of the people we meet.We have learned so much from talking with senior citizens, and we are blessed to have this opportunity to reach out to those in our community.

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