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On TV she is arguably best known for her stints as Albert Square’s Debra Dean, but has also given compelling shifts in Jimmy Mc Govern’s Moving On and as a mother who abandoned her child in the 2004 film Tracy Beaker’s Movie Of Me.And her on-screen love life was troubled, for slightly less traumatic reasons, in the 1997 film Fever Pitch, opposite Colin Firth.EV Crowe puts a poignant feminist and supernatural twist on a family drama; a kooky crystal-peddling clairvoyant (a lovely performance from Scarlett Brookes) spirits up the recently deceased, treasured son of the house only to draw a blank about the taken-for-granted dead mum. And Abi Zakarian’s slight closing number – showing a confused fortysomething magazine editor being visited by whimsical, loosely characterised aspects of womanhood at night – is almost an embarrassment amid a dearth of lasting riches. “I was 13, in Harrogate,” recalls the actress, who grew up in Darlington.After ten years of marriage, both of Naomi's sons die of unknown causes and she decides that it is time to return to her homeland of Israel.The famine has subsided and she no longer has immediate family in Moab.I jumped at the chance because I’ve never played Pinter.“It’s a fantastic challenge, a fantastic play and a privilege to do.

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I made a conscious decision not to do that.”The play does bear some similarity to the production that last brought Ruth to Sheffield 10 years ago, however.She starred in a then new Peter Gill play called Kick For Touch in a season of the writer’s works.“It was in the Studio, a four-hander but about a relationship between three people, so kind of the same again,” she recalls.According to the biblical Book of Ruth, Ruth was a Moabite woman who married into an Israelite family and eventually converted to Judaism.The promise contained in the umbrella title for this showcase of four short, feminist-themed plays, which temporarily reopens the RSC’s alternative space in Stratford, is of high mischief, a midsummer reversal of the established order.Even if the new venue squatting inside the partially defunct Courtyard Theatre sports bum-numbing seats of a sort usually found on the fringe (no back-support, what madness is this?!

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