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If you choose to opt out of complete i OS file encryption in this way, we encourage you to use Realm’s own built-in encryption to ensure your data is still properly secured.

Since the auxiliary files can sometimes be lazily created and deleted mid-operation, we recommend that you apply the file protection attributes to the parent folder containing these Realm files.

See our documentation on error handling for details.

Realms on the Realm Object Server are using the same property (and vice-versa).

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However, please be mindful that tv OS can purge files in the “Caches” directory at any point, so we encourage you to rely on Realm as a rebuildable cache rather than storing important user data.For example, if you want to show the users a list of all available ZIP codes.This is another use case for the In-memory Realms do not save data across app launches, but all other features of Realm will work as expected, including querying, relationships and thread-safety.The framework is responsible for managing how synchronized Realms are cached or stored on disk.If opening a Realm requires a time-consuming operation, such as applying migrations, compaction or downloading the remote contents of a synchronized Realm, you should use the In some cases, you might not want to open a Realm until it has all remote data available.

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