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To supervise the collection of these and other revenue measures, the position of Commissioner of the Revenue was revived by an act of July 24, 1813 (3 Stat. The Commissioner was assisted by district collectors and assessors authorized by an act of July 22, 1813 (3 Stat. These positions lapsed with the repeal, effective December 31, 1817, of all internal taxes, by an act of December 23, 1817 (3 Stat. Records of taxes levied on carriages, whiskey, and stills in Pennsylvania, 1793-1802.Accounts current of the Commissioner of the Revenue, 1791-1804. 58.3 Headquarters Records of the Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue 1862-1940 History: To fund the Civil War, a direct tax on property and an income tax were levied by an act of August 5, 1861 (12 Stat.Minutes of the Pennsylvania Direct Tax Commission, 1815-16. 292), which also provided for a Commissioner of the Revenue and district collectors and assessors. 432), July 1, 1862, which created the basis of the modern internal revenue system, with an income tax and taxes on various commodities, businesses, products, and services.Income tax and all other internal revenue measures, except those imposed on tobacco and alcohol, and on dealers in those products, were repealed by an act of March 3, 1883 (22 Stat. Internal taxes for nonrevenue purposes were imposed on oleomargarine, 1886; opium, 1890; beet sugar, 1893; and white phosphorus matches, 1912. 58.3.1 Correspondence Textual Records: Letters sent to assessors, 1862-73; direct tax commissions in southern states, 1864-84, with gaps; collectors, 1863-1915, with registers, 1869-1913; and the Secretary of the Treasury, 1910-17.280) created the position of Commissioner of the Revenue, to assume supervision.

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58.4.3 Records of the Florida Direct Tax Commission Textual Records: Commission reports, 1864-67, 1873. Applications to redeem land sold for taxes, 1872-99; make final redemption payments, 1872-75; and obtain refunds of surplus proceeds in direct tax sales, 1891- 98. 58.5.8 Records of the District of Columbia collection district Textual Records (in Philadelphia): Assessment lists, 1867-73.

Boards of commissioners were appointed pursuant to an act of June 7, 1862 (12 Stat. 58.4.11 Records of the Virginia Direct Tax Commission Textual Records: Minutes of the commission, 1863-68. 58.5.4 Records of California collection districts Textual Records (in San Francisco, except as noted): Assessment lists, 1st District (San Francisco), 1865-73, 1909-19; 2d District (San Jose), 1869; 3d District (Stockton), 1869; 4th District (Sacramento), 1866-72, 1910-12; 5th District (Napa City/Santa Rosa), 1866-72; and (in Los Angeles) 6th District (Los Angeles), 1910-17.

422), to collect the unpaid taxes in the southern states. Applications for refunds of surplus proceeds of property sold for taxes, 1864-84. Records of suits and violations of law, 1st District (San Francisco), 1913-17, 1922-23.

Circular letters, 1893-1929, with index, 1893-1911. Letters received relating to the direct tax in CO, 1875; DE, 1866-71; and DC, 1861-65.

58.3.2 Records of OCIR operating units Textual Records: Letters sent by the Miscellaneous Division, 1892-1908; Claims Division, 1869-1916, with registers, 1879-82, 1903-16; Assessment Division, 1870-1900, 1917, with registers, 1878-1903; Chief Clerk, 1908-17; Distilled Spirits Division, 1890-1918; Division of Accounting and Statistics, 1887-98, 1911- 17; and Customs Division, 1913.

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