Representing and validating digital business processes

If the user trusts the CA and can verify the CA's signature, then he can also verify that a certain public key does indeed belong to whoever is identified in the certificate.

Browsers maintain list of well known CAs root certificates.

Aside from commercial CAs, some providers issue digital certificates to the public at no cost. A Root CA is the term for the trust anchor of the PKI.

Large institutions or government entities may have their own CAs. Any applications, users, or computers that trust the Root CA trust any certificates issued by the CA hierarchy.

You can obtain a certificate for your business from commercial CAs.

For security reasons, these two roles are normally separated.

Digital certificates function similarly to identification cards such as passports and drivers licenses.

Most commonly they contain a public key and the identity of the owner.

A digital signature is a way of indicating that a document is authentic, has been signed by a particular person, and has not been modified since the signature was applied.

Laserfiche digital signatures allow users to automatically sign and validate documents directly in the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

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