Real radio north west dating

I’ve decided for 2011 to put a lock on the door and not answer it when someone knocks. The Mix may be doing great in the ratings, which is all that corporations will EVER care about, but the station and company make me sick personally.26.

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I’ve never been one to hold back on any of my private life because my private life public life. Steve Dahl was doing that for almost 30 years here.18.Kimberly January 3, 2011 at pm No one should throw stones from glass houses.28.Max Headroom January 3, 2011 at pm It all seems so self-indulgent and so off-putting.“There are certain things that I’m going to struggle with as far as talking about past relationships. Billy James January 3, 2011 at am I'm sure her kids and ex husband appreciate her airing all of their dirty laundry to blogs and on the radio show. isn't she the one who just adopted a baby not too long ago, ditched the ex-husband and left the kids with him? jcthree January 3, 2011 at pm Most people have to continue going to work and doing our jobs despite what's going on in our personal lives.22.I still love and respect Bert, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings and put anything out there of our personal life that would bother him. This lady is a rich, annoying, snob who is way too egotistical to take the high road and NOT make it about her. I guess she will be the victim when he karate chops her paycheck in half! Greg Adamski and Karen Conti January 3, 2011 at pm Rob: Welcome back. AAV1961 January 3, 2011 at pm Welcome back, Robert! Bud January 3, 2011 at pm Great to have you and your insight back, Robert!

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