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Analysis of eight molybdenite samples yields an isochron age of 224.8±4.5 Ma (2σ).Pyrite samples have rhenium and osmium concentrations varying in the range 33.4–330.6 ng/g and 0.08–0.81 ng/g, respectively.Re-Os isotopic age of the auriferous pyrite from the Zhenyuan gold deposit was determined by using a high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (HR-ICP-MS).

The hydrothermal mineral veins comprise a multimodal system of tensile/hybrid hydraulic fractures which are inferred to have formed during a regional phase of NW-SE extension.Combined with field observations, the data indicate that Mo–Re mineralization in the Baishan deposit is produced by a magmatic-hydrothermal event in an intracontinental extensional setting after late Paleozoic orogeny.Zhenyuan gold deposit is the largest super large gold deposit in the Ailaoshan gold belt, but its precise mineralization age is still lack.The results show that the Re-Os isochron age is 229±38 Ma (MSWD=2.0, confidence level is 95%), with an initial Os value of 0.68±0.24 and a corresponding γOs value of 442±91.The Re/Os ratios of the pyrite vary from 40.8 to 100.5.

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