Rapper fifty cent dating

Watch as Chelsea reveals what 50 Cent was like behind closed doors.

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The Dame appeared bashful behind the hand fan as she adoringly looked at the rapper.

His break came soon thereafter upon meeting Jam Master Jay of Run DMC through a friend who instead of only taught him how to count bars, write choruses, and structure songs, passed over a tape of beats and asked him to rap over it.

Getting the man impressed, he was signed to his label, JMJ Records.

Unfortunately, the deal didn't result much which prompted 50 to leave the label and quickly signed another deal with Columbia Records, thanks to the platinum-selling producers Trackmasters who noticed his rapping skill.

Beginning working on his debut album, he produced thirty-six songs in two and a half weeks, eighteen of which were included on his unofficially released album, "Power of the Dollar [Unreleased]" in 2000.

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