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Ranga Rao (Nagababu) and his brother are landlords in a village and are kind-hearted.

Ranga Rao is a widower and Mahalakshmi (Kaajal Agarwal) is his only daughter.

Rani notices this love drama and she falls in love with Dorababu and vice-versa.

However, none of them could dare to tell the truth either to Ranga Rao or to Ramalingeswara Rao.

The movie is about the heist of some of the world’s rarest and exquisite diamonds which are worth more than 300 crores.

Bobby Bombata (Javed Jaffrey) a huge industrialist and his girlfriend Devyani (Preeti Jhangiani) plan the theft of these diamonds along with Ranjit (Kamal Sadanah) a cold-blooded assassin.

He loves a TV anchor Nandini (Sheela) who runs a program on love and dating.

One of these copies has been read by Manorama, a mysterious lady (an enigmatic Sarika) who comes down to SV’s place one day, and introduces herself as the state irrigation minister’s (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) wife and hires him as a detective to spy on her husband, who she suspects is having an affair.

But all is not what it seems, as the lady turns out to be someone else and soon enough, is murdered.

Then he comes to know that Aravind is his estranged brother but he hates Aravind since childhood.

He hatches a plan to kill Aravind and marry Nandini in his place. Satyaveer Singh aka SV (Abhay Deol) is an interesting, even somewhat melancholic character, an unsuccessful writer of pulp trash novels, the kind that usually find their way into small stalls in railway stations, with titles like Inteqaam Ki Raat and Khooni Khanjar.

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