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Explores the search for a saner and more wholesome life in which ecology is held sacred and the accent is on good health. Juan Eduardo's wife, a Pentacostal, claims that her husband is an instrument of Satan. Studies two major groups, the Zionists and the Nazarites, a group founded by Isaiah Shembe. The Zhongnan Mountains have been home to recluses for some five thousand years; Burger's experiences demonstrate that the tradition continues to thrive. DVD X1982 For a great number of people the main motive for undertaking a pilgrimage consists in the journey itself. Although the Pope declared the Plague a judgment by God, rumors of a Jewish plot were rife, leading to anti-Semitic massacres in Germany and elsewhere. This segment visits the San Francisco Bay area to examine the new religious concerns of people who are looking East to Hinduism and Taoism for inspiration. This neopagan religious cult deals in spirit possession, animal sacrifice, mythic storytelling and physical healing. Video/C 4669 Examines the factors that influence religion in Africa, paying particular attention to how traditional religions, Islam, and Christianity co-exist and influence each other. Traces the history of religious beliefs in Africa from the arrival of the first Christian missionaries to the current rediscovery of the African religious identity. Burger documents his journey into the lives of China's forgotten Zen Buddhist hermit tradition. They discuss the role of religion and religions in Arab society and also Islamic fundamentalism and the media's portrayal of that religious group. Part 2 covers King Philip IV of France's defiance of Church authority; the Hundred Years' War, and the Black Death. Also included are readings from the Confucian Analects and the Book of Songs as well as presentations of the lives and works of many renowned poets. Video/C 1886:4 Forms part of a series on world religions in which Ronald Eyre travels around the globe asking people basic questions about their religious beliefs and practices. The film focuses on the ancient Mani-Rimdu festival of "awakening" and on Trulshig Rinpoche, the Tibetan Lama who directs its performance. Monks from Cambodia, the refugee camps, Thailand and the United States participated in the discussion on the future of Buddhism in Cambodia after the war. Stunning footage from around the subcontinent displays India's religious heritage along with its monumental shrines, temples, festivals and sacred rituals all set against the backdrop of the nation's history, geography and rich variety of cultures and languages. Is the West determined to impose its values on Islamic nations without regard to national preferences, thus radicalizing local patriots? When both cultures accept that their definitions of democracy and human rights differ, there will be a firm basis for dialogue now, and peaceful co-existence in the future. Presented at the University of Geneva on March 17, 1987. Victims of intolerance in the Old World, the emigres swiftly proved intolerant of others in the New World, leaving to the Quakers to promote the religious freedom later associated with the United States. The third segment of a series presenting the key elements of Confucian thought in China, tracing its impact on China's most important literary form, lyric poetry. Huston Smith uncovers the mysteries of multiphonic chanting among Tibetan lamas and meditates 8 hours a day with a Zen master. The mandala is part of the Kalachakra rite of initiation, a secret teaching of wisdom and compassion first taught by Buddha in 600 B. Visitors to the gallery are able to view the four Tibetan Buddhists monks as they work constructing the sand mandala from millions of grains of Himalayan sand. The rituals and customs of some of Japan's contemporary faiths are examined: Zen, Shinto, and that of the Soka Gakkai and Pure Land (Amida ) Buddha groups. Scholars, researchers, and monastics provide illuminating insights into Siddhartha/Buddha's experiences, his teachings, and the rapid spread of Buddhism after his death. Everest, Lord of the Dance documents activities at two Buddhist monasteries where Sherpas and Tibetans preserve a unique way of life and vision of the world. Video/C 4530 A report on the conference organized by Khmer conscience at the University of California, Berkeley on June 2-3, 1990 about the role of Buddhism in Khmer Society. DVD 9445; vhs Video/C 9388 This program provides an overview of four of India's prominent religions: Jainism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. How then can differing cultures find a common basis for mutual respect? Is the gap between the West and moderate Muslims widening? Part 1 traces the spread of Christianity via the Puritans to North America. This documentary is about this holy journey which became known as the pilgrimage of the eighty eight sacred places of Shidodu. The second segment of a series presenting the key elements of Confucian thought in China, tracing its impact on China's most important literary form, lyric poetry. Filmed on location over a four-month period, the film uses remarkable footage of the rites andliturgies performed for a recently deceased Ladakhielder. Video/C 7094 An educational documentary on Tibetan Buddhist culture of the Himalayas, filmed in the Lukil Valley of Ladakh. Herzog magically captures the lengthy pilgrimage (which for some, is over 3,000 miles), the monk's creation of the beautiful and intricate sand mandala (the wheel of time) along with many secret rituals that have never been seen before on film. For liberal Islamists in Turkey, who want to co-exist with the West, the veil is a matter of individual choice. Part 2 plots out the religious revolt sparked by the sale of indulgences, from Martin Luther's 95 Theses, to the Inquisition, to the Protestantism of John Calvin.

During cremation, the village is filled with smoke from pyres shaped like bulls, as the souls of the dead are cleansed of impurity, then sent out to sea to continue their journey to heaven. Examines conflict between the ancient religion and traditions of the Hmong and Christian practice and belief. He ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of friends and family with elaborate rituals that bridge the natural and spirit worlds. Video/C 8613 Shows how the Bengalis in the town of Vishnupur celebrate the annual ritual of Gajan in honor of Lord Shiva, during which the participants renounce the concerns of daily life in order to devote themselves entirely to the service of God. Explores the Hindu approach to God and the complexity of the Hindu religious experience. These groups experience a heady overnight success, registering millions of evangelical voters and helping sweep Ronald Reagan into office. Video/C 6034 With God on Our Side, Part 6: God's Armies, 1989-1994. Also features Thomas Dorsey, her mentor, and the man credited with inventing gospel music. Through the lives of two nineteenth-century black leaders, Sojourner Truth and Denmark Vesey, we see how religion and belief in God provided hope in the face of desperation. His emphasis on a black nationalist philosophy and his rejection of white power alienated him from some leaders, but led to a greater role for the black church in African-American culture. DVD 3055 Episode three: Guide my feet follows the movement of African-Americans from the South to the promised land of the North, from country to city, from rejection to hope.

In Part 2 he explores the religious indoctrination of children and the controled way some are educated -- from social prejudices to creationism in science. Originally broadcast on the National Georgaphic Channel in 2004. DVD X1140 Forms part of a series on world religions in which Ronald Eyre travels around the globe asking people basic questions about their religious beliefs and practices. DVD 9445; vhs Video/C 201 It's all in a day's work for Juan Eduardo Nunuz, a Cuban refugee who leads a religious congregation in a backyard garden shed in a subdivision near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Video/C 945:3 Elements of African culture are powerfully expressed in the food, art, dance, and most importantly, the Candomble (Umbanda) religion of the Afro-Brazilian majority of the state of Bahia. Shows how these artifacts are created and explains how they are used in the Dogons' sacred rituals. It also shows the music and dance of these two groups within voodoo rituals. Based on the book The Devil take the youngest by Winkie Pratney. The program was filmed in Havana among practicioners of Santeria, and documents a ritual ceremony that features dancing, singing, praying and drum beating, invoking the twenty-two Orishas, or deities of the Yoruba religion. This segment visits the Zulu Independent Churches of South Africa to explore the Black African response to Christianity. DVD 9444; vhs Video/C 199 American director Edward A. Originally broadcast on the television program Nightline, on April 18, 1997. Video/C 5956 A lecture by a noted Muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat addressing the Muslim view of A lecture by a noted Muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat addressing the Muslim view of Jesus Christ and Christianity in general and A lecture by a noted Muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat addressing the Muslim view of Jesus Christ and Christianity in general. DVD 7193 Bill Moyers interviews three scholars: Afaf Marsot professor of Near and Middle Eastern history at UCLA, Yvonne Haddad, a history professor at the University of Massachusetts, and Michael Suleiman, political science professor at Kansas State University. Video/C 2332 Australian journalist Curtis Levy visits Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world, to make a film studying the impact of the religious ideals of Islam on Indonesian society. Buildings of unprecedented grandeur exemplified the power and influence of the Church in Europe, as did the systematic destruction of the heretic Cathars.

In Part 1 he presents an incendiary look at the monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity and an unapologetic polemic against blind faith. Find out how little you really know about this controversial religion. Video/C 4360 Examines some of the carved ceremonial masks of the Dogon tribe of Nigeria. 3/4" UMATIC Video/C 176 Film examines two ethnic groups in Benin who practice voodoo and explores the mythical origins of their cult. This video takes a look at this scary phenomenon found in some villages and schools in Kenya. By showing the initiation of a group of women into a temple (Iawo is the name for new priestesses), the film offers a deeper examination of the religion, its ideology and social meaning. Takes place in a contemporary Puerto Rican community among New World practitioners of the ancient religion, Santeria. The film examines the preparation and the use of traditional medicines, the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and the metaphysics and cosmology of African beliefs regarding the powers of the Inyanga. Shows them living and working in Accra and participating in a primitive tribal ceremony. The influence of Christian missionaries is also examined. Video/C 9676 This is an ethnographic documentary which demonstrates the survival and strength of the Yoruba cultural and religious heritage in the contemporary life of Caribbean African-Hispanics. Video/C 5518 Forms part of a series on world religions in which Ronald Eyre travels around the globe asking people basic questions about their religious beliefs and practices. Video/C 4086 Michael Wolfe, an American Muslim, describes the experience of his hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, taking viewers step by step through the spiritual side of the pilgrimage, explaining the origins and meanings of the rituals. Part 1 of this program follows the dual enterprises of constructing cathedrals and stamping out heresy.

The bones of the dead are uncovered, washed and arranged for cremation with accompanying prayer rites. DVD X4093 Describes the art of Shamanism and the role of the Shaman in Hmong society. Examines the temple's shrines and statues and their significance within Hinduism and discusses the community's efforts to preserve their language and culture in the face of pressures to be assimilated. To merge with the sky after death is a holy event, one that replaces the sufferings of this world with peace. The film focuses on Paja Thao, a shaman whose spiritual leadership plays a vital role in Appleton's Hmong community. Focuses on the daily life of the monastery and the village which it serves. This segment visits various sites in India and observes the performance of several types of religious ceremonies. Seizing the pro-family agenda, New Right conservative strategists midwife a brood of new Christian political organizations, most notably Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. Video/C 2539 Documentary that follows gospel singer Willie Mae Ford Smith from her home to church services, to emotionally galvanic singing conventions. DVD 611; vhs Video/C 1873 Produced by students enrolled in Ethnographic Film (Anthropology 138B) at the University of California, Berkeley, Dept. Examines an Afro-American Christian church in which jazzmusic is the dominant element of the church service. It charts the growth of independent black churches and attempts by slaves and free blacks to unify the black community. DVD 3055 Episode two: God is a Negro focuses on the role of Henry Mc Neal Turner, whose efforts to create a sense of self-respect among African-Americans began in the political arena and shifted to the religious realm.

A shadow pupped show is performed, inheritances and distributed and musical processions of mourners walk the streets. Video/C 2850 A Documentary examining the lives of novice Buddhist monks in Thailand through interviews and profiles of their daily religious practices and customs, including dressing, begging, worshipping and meditating. This film documents the final stages of the consecration of the Hindu temple built by members of that city's Indian-American community. Includes a tour of the Golden Temple and a marriage ceremony. Animated characters done in the style of traditional Indian shadow puppets narrate the tragicomic storylines, with Sita's singing voice represented by 1920's-era recordings of jazz performer Annette Hanshaw. The sky, or the universe, is where the sacred world lies. DVD 6847 Shows the life and culture of the Thao family, Hmong Americans in Appleton, Wisconsin. DVD 5515; vhs Video/C 7622 Shows the Buddhist monastery, Wat Chedi Sio, in Northern Thailand which is said to be two thousand years old. Video/C 9140 Forms part of a series on world religions in which Ronald Eyre travels around the globe asking people basic questions about their religious beliefs and practices. At the White House Conference on Families, conservative Christians choose polarization on those issues over reuniting the American family. Commentary: James Dunn, Bob Maddox, Kenneth Briggs, Cal Thomas, Jody Powell, Stuart Eizenstat, Pat Robertson, Connie Marshner, Os Guinness, Mel White, Phyllis Schlafly, John Carr, Paul Weyrich, Tim La Haye, Francis Schaeffer. Video/C 6032 With God on Our Side, Part 4: Prophets and Advisors, 1979-1984. Video/C 3987 Episode one: There is a river explores the evolution of African-American religious thought, from the beliefs and rituals Africans brought to America to the influence of Christian teachings imposed on slaves in the new world.

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