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A p.s I just had a quick look and the pyramidiot fad seems to have spread to the sphinx with links to the best - forgotten Edgar Cayce speculations about secret tunnels and claims about water erosion and calculating an early date for the interior rock of the Sphinx, but nothing that looks like decent evidence - instead lengthy complaints about orthodoxy Authority Establisghment Conspiracy failure to swallow these claims unsupported.

So I'll be looking for some better evidence than rehashed Dainiken nonsense. The idea that there was a very big flood or perhaps several (giving rise to half the world having a flood myth) at the end of the ice age is a quite reasonable one, though linking it with Noah or any other flood myth is less reasonable.

A Person of Mass Destruction is a character with powers, abilities, or skills capable of causing damage on the level of a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

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) According to plato the war of atlantis was 9000 years before the time of Solon.

The source of their destructive powers varies; they may have won the Superpower Lottery, have knowledge of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know or be a Physical God.

What gives them their destructive potential is less important than the fact that they have it.

Ancient Greek flood myths - Religion-wiki The Ogygian flood is so called because it occurred in the time of Ogyges, a mythical king of Attica.

The name "Ogyges" and "Ogygian" is synonymous with "primeval", "primal" and "earliest dawn". In many traditions the Ogygian flood is said to have covered the whole world and was so devastating that Attica remained without kings until the reign of Cecrops.

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