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It is a grey area and I am sure that the Government will run into a number of road-blocks in their implementing of these policies. Other one is pretty sure it is directed at intersex people.

Some want to go with the term hermaphrodites and a few big newspapers have reported that it certainly includes the transgender population of India.

Then they took the momentous decision of recognizing the Third Gender as an integral part of society and got hailed.

One type of discrimination continues while the other at least judicially has now received some much deserved attention.

The two come together under many situations but are essentially different.

A trans-male may be straight /gay/bisexual/pansexual/asexual and the same goes for trans-females.

They take two steps forward and two steps back – procrastinating, haggling and negotiating over change.

When I heard that the 2 million people in our country (now effectively recognized as the Third Gender) will by decree of the Supreme Court receive equal opportunity to ‘grow and attain their potential’ I was happy but a deeper look reveals how innately flawed the whole set up is.

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Again, the footnote is the on-going argument as to who should be regarded as a transgender?All of us Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightly fans must remember the brilliant yet very controversial movie – ‘Dangerous Methods’.The lady portrayed by Knightly Sabina Spielrein was instrumental in the formation of Jung’s much hyped Anima-Animus Theory. The Anima is the woman in a man and the Animus is the man in every woman.Will it be people who have resorted to hormone therapy and gone under the knife for it?Will it refer to people who are transgender but due to lack of opportunity or by choice are still anatomically in the gender of their birth?

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