Ponder dating espn reporter

The news got out when Ponder eluded to the fact on Twitter recently, but he confirmed it in person Friday.

"The answer is yes," Ponder said after the Vikings practice.

"We tried to limit the attention on us," Ponder said.

"I know the state of Minnesota probably isn't happy about it.

We're going to have a big ceremony sometime in the offseason and be able to enjoy it." According to NFL.com, Ponder said they wanted to marry before the holidays and "for some other personal reasons." The Vikings are in the midst of a playoff fight in the NFC, but Ponder and Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier said the quarterback will not be distracted in preparing for Sunday's game against Houston.

"It hasn't deterred anything from what I did with my routine that I (do) every Monday and Tuesday in here," Ponder told Viking Obviously, it's a big deal, but it wasn't a distraction at all." Ponder and Steele met during training camp and became closer when the two were together during ESPN's College Game Day at Florida State in September. Ponder acknowledged in October that he was dating Steele and confirmed their engagement earlier this month.

According to Viking Update.com, Steele tweeted Wednesday, "Twitter is so tricky.

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