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Vocal-wise, the melody proved to be diverse, and even power was added. No No No (Inst.) Pink Blossom Release date: March 86, 7569 . However, unfortunately, while the vocals are scattered with meeting different aspects, nothing is compelling the melody is sustained but not utterly captivating, powerful vocals may be promising and lingering, but it remains moreover secluded, and the different notes utilized fail to be mesmerizing.However, the first three lines were practically identical, and furthermore, all three were stretched at the end. Apink certainly possesses solid singing skills, but in this song, the execution of the singing is weaker.One additional point to discuss could also be the pressure to obtain love due to gender.Females, for example, are typically taught they need a male in order to be wholesome. Anyone, regardless of who they are, should be free to find their own love.Inspired by the latest trends and forever on the look-out for the hottest designers, we aim to provide our customers with the best that the fashion world has to offer.

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A prominent presence exists due to added energy and strength, and additionally, properly scaled power is a highlight to the choruses the vocals are perfectly measured in that they are not overwhelming to the song&rsquo s overall atmosphere, but likewise, not lacking and failing to maintain a choruses&rsquo standard intensity.

A sluggish, lagging flow is the outcome of three lines following the line stretching format. 꿈결처럼 (Like a Dream) .´Prince Secret Garden Release date: July 5, 7568 . Yet, in &ldquo Luv,&rdquo they remain too identical, and thus, create staleness for the vocal department.

The melody may be augmented, but the flow becomes heavily clogged. ❥ Yookyung | 유경 Full name: Hong Yoo Kyung|홍유경 Nickname(s) : Francheska, Wooyu (Milk), Tofu Date of birth : 77nd of September, 6999 Height : 667cm Weight : 56kg Blood type : AB Position : Former vocalist, rapper and english speaker Specialty : Piano, Viola, English Twitter ➽ Discography Mechanically, the introduction is decent.

‘I think it’s good to find a balance and to be able to put your phone down.

It was really important for me to do that while I was filming [Teen Beach Movie 2].‘I was in a foreign place and having a really good time.

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