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He’s introducing the Taiwanese to a part of his Feline Humour Product Range –cartoon albums, T-shirts, mugs, chocolates, and more…– With a literary agent in Taipei –Gray Hawk– this trip may help the process of finding a publisher for Le Cat’s albums’s in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. NOVEMBER 2014 Speaking in New York where he is the guest of old friends Bill and Hillary Clinton, an angry Le Cat said he had no connection with Star Wars and that the whole story was a “complete hoax” fabricated by cartoon rivals jealous of his fame and fortune.

“Why would I, Le Cat, want to be associated with cardboard cutout cartoon characters with silly names like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker?

A few words of introduction (fittingly in English) and less than five minutes were enough for Geluck to put his audience at ease and make us laugh.

We are already all under the spell of a comedian without affectations or pretentions.

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian humourist, writer, illustrator, actor, comic, star of stage and screen (the small one), and the French-speaking world's most popular and successful cartoonist.

He is someone to whom the not-always-flattering epithet Big in Belgium can be genuinely applied - a phrase actually coined by Queen Victoria about Philippe Geluck during one of her trips to visit her Uncle Leopold.

Il est surtout connu pour être l'auteur de la série de bande dessinée Le Chat.

Il participe également à plusieurs émissions télévisées en tant que chroniqueur, notamment en collaboration avec Laurent Ruquier.

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So, Happy Windsurfers, if you think laughter is a force for good in the world, go forth and click your way out of the Web and into the Universe of Geluck.

© Photo Berny Sèbe He starts by talking to us of what first influenced him, of the golden age of comics in Belgium.

At a very young age, he had a leaning towards a certain genre of humour; satirical, even black.

He talks of the importance of easing up discussion with humour, of focusing on common ground, on universal values. because we haven’t all learnt to laugh in the same way, because the defence of freedom of speech is all very well but getting a laugh with responsibility is even better.

Geluck stimulates a reflection of our duty towards speech, openness, tolerance and listening.

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