Penelope cruz and javier bardem dating

She recalls learning English "kind of late" only knowing the dialogue she had learned for the casting beyond that, she could only say, "How are you?

" and "Thank you." In 1997, Cruz appeared in the Spanish comedy film Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health.

She had a supporting role as Mirtha Jung, the wife of Johnny Depp's character.

The film received mixed reviews, Cruz's last film in 2001 was Captain Corelli's Mandolin, film adaption of the novel of the same name.

Cruz's final appearance in 1997 was the Amenabar-directed Spanish sci-fi drama, "Abre Los Ojos"/ Open Your Eyes.The same year she appeared in the Academy-Award-winning Belle Epoque as the virginal Luz.At 20, she went to live in New York for two years at Christopher and Greenwich to study ballet and English between films.She portrays Diana, a fan of the Beatles band member John Lennon; she tries unsuccessfully to meet him.Years later, after multiple failed relationships, Diana re-unites with an acquaintance under unusual circumstances.

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