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Freddie: "My mom thinks I'll choke on pills so she pounds them with a mallet and puts them in my fruit sauce. Freddie: My mom thinks I'll choke on fruit so she pounds it with a mallet— Spencer: Okay yeah, we get it.

Antoine Rizkallah Kanaan "Tony" Filho (born 31 December 1974), more commonly known as Tony Kanaan, is a Brazilian racing driver.

The protagonist is given three tests and receives the prize after the third.

It's almost unusual to find a folktale that does incorporate the Rule of Three in some form.

In design, particularly three-dimensional design such as shop displays, groups of three objects, or objects arranged to form a triangle, are considered most attractive to the eye.

Just try and think about how many times you've heard the phrase "On the count of three..." A constructed phrase such as "Veni, Vidi, Vici." that has three grammatically and logically connected elements is known as a Tricolon.

Kanaan won the 2013 Indianapolis 500 and the 2004 Indy Car Series championship.

In that season he completed 3,305 laps, making him the first Indy Car Series driver to complete every possible lap in a season.

In Britain, jokes denigrate either the Irishman as stupid or the Scotsman as a tightwad, while the Englishman is usually the Straight Man of the gag (Unless it's being told by the Scots or Irish.

When an American tells it, Englishmen are stuffed shirts.) This is why most Americans have never heard of Wales.

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