Over accomodating for fat people

Here is the Snopes link to the article – a little (very little, actually) navigating will get those with a prurient bent to a page of these photos.I, of course, had to look as part of my investigation for this blog post. There are sweetened cold drinks, a variety of ice cream products, cotton candy, gummy sweets, funnel cakes and other high-carb junk of every stripe. It can be done, but it is difficult and requires a lot of effort.Most people are pictured screaming and holding on for dear life.One of the rides – Splash Mountain – has achieved some notoriety because it has become common for female riders to pull up (or down) their tops as they approach the cameras.Our 7-year-old grandson informed us that it was ‘lame.’ I couldn’t have agreed more. We took the kids then and did end up going on the Small World ride, which experience the grandkid remembered when he referred to the ride as being lame.For those of you lucky enough to have escaped the Disneyland experience, the Small World ride is easily the most inane amusement park ride ever conceived by the mind of man.

I wondered if it were an urban legend or if it were really true. There are a number of investigative reports on the idea, and the consensus seems to be that the renovation was due to the boats bottoming out due to the increased weight of the passengers.When I was in college I got a job at Disneyland (which in part accounts for my loathing of the place). At that time, all the employees were college students or college dropouts who were the full time workers.I was a conductor on the train that circumnavigates the park. In keeping with the Disney image at the time, just about all the young employees selected were clean cut and nice looking.This flashing has become so common that the ride has become known as Flash Mountain.All of the photos are looked at by park officials before being put up on the screens for all to see.

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