Online chat whores

Interestingly, this study reflects the findings of our 2014 report, in which women were as comfortable using misogynistic language as men; the 2016 findings show that 50% of the total aggressive tweets were sent by women, while 40% were sent by men, and 10% were sent by organisations or users whose genders could not be classified.

While this analysis is unable to highlight individual women’s experiences of online trolling, or definitively say how serious each case is, it does hint at the scale of aggressive misogyny online and shows why we need campaigns like Reclaim the Internet.To do this, we collected just under 1.5m tweets from around the world over a period of 23 days.Of these, over half (54%) were advertising pornography, a startling figure considering Twitter’s minimum age requirement, like many social media sites, stands at 13.This use of language is not, therefore, confined to one discrete online group but rather persists throughout society, making this issue more complex than it first appears.10,500 aggressive tweets, targeted at 6,500 unique users, could be algorithmically located in the UK; this means that there are at least 450 tweets posted containing aggressively misogynistic language in the UK every day.

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