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I constantly meet with consumers who tried to do all their own stuff and things did not work out as planned, and they are coming to me to fix it.

That is why I think people should start out with a competent attorney who is organized and knows what they are doing and who can lead people through the process properly.

For example: The key to optimal health has always been proper nutrition.

When your loved one receives the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need, they will thrive.

With our homemaker service, all basic housekeeping tasks will be completed, including (but not limited to): dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping/mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms.

You can rest easy knowing that your loved one will always have clean clothes to wear.

My attitude is that everyone has an estate, everyone needs to plan their estate no matter the size, the scope, or the location of their assets, and if they do not plan for it, the state will do it for you. The first place people should start with estate planning is to just go in and meet with a competent attorney who will do an evaluation of their assets, their family structure and their goals.

Once that is done the attorney can properly lead the client through the process.

If you are okay with how that will go, then by all means do not do an estate plan.

After volunteering for campaigns while growing up in Detroit, Jamal got his professional start in presidential politics traveling with Bill Clinton during his successful 1992 campaign and was a political appointee during the first Clinton Administration with U. Trade Representative and Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor. Jamal has an extensive international background as well.

In 2000, he was deputy communications director for Vice President Al Gore during his presidential campaign and served as a Gore spokesman in West Palm Beach during the Florida Recount. He planned events for the Clinton White House in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, and has represented major corporations in China and Latin America.

Sometimes, it’s the simple tasks that prove the most daunting as age increases and mobility decreases.

When you sign on for our Alina’s Elder Care’s homemaker service, an experienced and professional home care provider will come to your loved one’s home at your desired interval to perform tasks that a homemaker would usually do.

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