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It is using public service announcements on social media to discourage potential customers from soliciting sex online or by text."Our outreach to educate sex buyers will be a wakeup call for them when they realize they are not texting a 15-year-old girl but a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department employee," said LASD Sheriff Jim Mc Donnell. The human trafficking task force said in two years, it's rescued more than 200 girls from the sex trade and human trafficking.An Apache Junction elementary school principal was arrested Tuesday after being accused of soliciting young girls for sex, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office said.

The lawmakers have grown impatient with Silicon Valley’s limited success at self-policing, and its flat-out refusal to consider modifications to its cherished immunity from the illegal behaviour of posters, as enshrined by the two-decade-old act.

“Until Congress sees fit to amend the immunity law, the broad reach . The judge is allowing prosecutors to proceed with money-laundering charges against Backpage, which is accused of illegally using shell companies to trick credit card companies refusing to do business with Backpage into processing the payments of its customers.

The company denied helping to craft any of the sex trafficking ads on its site. Company officials declined to comment on the congressional effort it has inspired, referring questions instead to the opposition campaign mounted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology — groups that receive substantial funding from big technology companies.

Almost every attorney general in the United States wants the decency act changed to strip legal immunity for sites that condone or promote trafficking.

Fifty of them wrote a letter to Congress a few weeks ago citing several horrific cases in which Backpage was used to traffic teenage girls.

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