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Flanked by his top financial and medical employees, Moore told the board on Thursday that the company has been preparing for five years, since 2012, to take the next steps in health care reform.

In an interview after the hearing, he took the criticism in stride and said that the actuarial review is “extremely helpful” to the company.“A lot of what’s going on is really interesting, brand new regulation of sort of a major layer in health care, and I think some of it is all of us trying to understand where’s the best balance there in terms of scrutiny, oversight, reporting,” Moore said.“The more interesting thing from (the review from actuaries) to me is, what’s the board’s responsibility in not letting One Care move forward if they don’t think that we can do well under the target?

Members can also call the One Care plans to request a copy of the provider directory.

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Regulators are now planning to rule on One Care’s budget at the end of December.

At a four-hour hearing Thursday in front of the Green Mountain Care Board, officials from One Care Vermont defended their updated plan to control 9 million in health insurance money used to treat 120,000 patients starting Jan. One Care’s original budget estimated 7 million would be needed to treat 137,000 patients, but the company downgraded those numbers in October.

One Care even regularly backs up your important files.Allan Ramsay, a former board member, told Moore and his team that they do not sound like they are a company that represents the views of health care providers.“Now, you are both a provider and a payer,” Ramsay said.“Every time you make that move, you inch a little closer to the historical model of health maintenance organization — the historic and failed HMO model.”“My primary care colleagues fear two things,” Ramsay said.” Moore said.“Really some of their (questions) are, ‘Are they really prepared to do the things it will take to do well on the targets?Are the targets that they might get going to be ones that they won’t sort of end up under water on? Moore said he would be open to having a higher spending limit because it would make it easier for him to come in under the limit.

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