On line granny cam

If you only want a surveillance camera for home security, then aiming the camera at the front entrance for example, might be all you need.

So in this case, a narrow field of view is most probably fine for your needs.

If you don’t have internet access during the day, either from a desktop PC, your smartphone or via WIFI or you simply don’t have the time to view videos during the day, then the cheaper option where the nanny cam stores the videos, but doesn’t give you real time monitoring, might be your best option.

You can connect the nanny cam directly to your PC or to an external hard drive.

So nanny cams that only offer video storage on a PC or external drive may not give you as much security as you need – from the point of view of storage.

With battery operated nanny cams you really want to use the motion sensor so that they only record when motion is detected.Sound detection is a great feature because it turns on when it detects sound and you can hear what is happening and being said in the immediate area.You can also hear if your baby is crying and if you have the 2-way communication function as well, you can then soothe your baby, even when they are with your partner or babysitter.On the inside of the air purifier we imbed a small top of the line mini H.264 SD DVR that will support up to a 32 gig SD card that will hold up to 96 hours of motion activated recordings.The air purifier will come with a 4 gig SD card and will be preset for motion detect and set for the date and time of where the unit will be going.

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