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Okotoks Fire Chief Ken Thevenot says you should be switching out your detectors ten years after the original manufacturing date."I've had people call us saying 'My detector is 30 years old and it's still working fine' well the problem is that at the time when you want it to work it may not work," he says.The also have had a few dances, to which I haven't made it to.. The party is going to be at Gitter's Pubin High River, on April 5th starting around . It's a good idea to put a date and location in your thread title and then email Big Fish and ask if he will move it to the events thread. I didn't know who anyone was, or where they were sitting (doesn't anyone look like their pictures? I'm not the kind of person who is going to walk up to every table and ask them if their from P. It's always a good idea to have someone at these events looking out for the "new folks".

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has many employers in Okotoks, Alberta AB looking for a child care provider just like you.There's carbon monoxide detector also that fall into that range as well but you can get multi-use detectors that have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with a lithium battery that are good for ten years." During the week Fire Services is encouraging residents to sign-up for the department's free home inspection program and Thevenot says the first thing they check on their inspections is if smoke detectors are in good working order."We did checks at 60 or 70 homes we got into and we found a number of homes that their smoke detectors were not working properly, there was homes that both upstairs and on the basement floor either smoke detector were working and residents had no idea they were even working." For more on the home inspection program and Fire Prevention Week visit the link here.At the heart of Rugby is a unique ethos which it has retained over the years.Not only is the Game played to the Laws, but within the spirit of the Laws.

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