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If the potential partner accepts the sexual invitation, foreplay has begun.Accepting the invitation is often indicated by reciprocating with similar behavior.I am speaking from the man's point of view for I am a man.first you must undress the lady slowly while gently kissing any bare skin exposed on the way.This question I have tried to answer must have been posted by a very young person. Foreplay is the most important part of the sex act.Without it you might as well just go ahead and masturbate and get on with life.

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Foreplay is "what happens before sex to get your both ready".

Now that young lady is completely naked start gently kissing mouth and neck slowly working your way down to the lovely breast which by they way is the door to females sex drive you bypass the breast you've blown it.

Take your time on the breast gently sucking and rotating tongue around nipple after so many minutes continue on down gently kissing till past the belly button(do not mess with this) go straight to the desert kiss her vagina and gently start licking start looking for the clitoris by now it will be swollen and moist if you've done everything right before arriving.

Even at this point, some genital teasing may take place for a brief time, which marks foreplay's final seconds.

Sexual roleplaying, fetish activities, and BDSM can also be considered foreplay, though they more commonly accompany sex rather than preceding it.

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