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As I struggled the pleated blue plaid skirt wiggled about my bottom.

Dave lifted the skirt and slip then tossed them over my back exposing my tights.

She said we can use it to get some more brews for the party tonight. It was Saras friends Dave and Ronnie, two drunken college football players coming down the hall. Dave stood in front of me for a second then picked up the scissors and cut the duct tape from my mouth and pulled it from around my head. Dave quickly interjected, Sara told me hes a little freak, he probably did this himself. Would you like to try and convince us not to take pictures?

With my wrists and ankles still bound I shamefully said yes.

Dave proudly announced, Alright little girl here comes big daddy. I felt pressure at my hole, then pain as my hole stretched to accommodate the intruder, then suddenly it slid in.

I could feel his skin slap against my bottom as he thrust himself in and out. Tear stained face, white peter pan blouse, plaid cross tie, skirted flipped-up, tights and panties pulled down all signs of a true schoolgirl in distress, sad, but true.

Dave grabbed me under the arms told to get on my knees with his help I meekly complied. With my voice cracking I protested, I cant do that. He grabbed the back of my head as his erection filled my mouth.

Dave the stated, Ronnie always wanted a blow job from a cute little schoolgirl. My fantasy had become a reality I was damsel in distress, a little schoolgirl at the mercy of her captors.

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Some moments later he gripped my head tightly and thrust his member deep into my throat.

Then I wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around my head 5 times to secure my gag. The springs of the bed creaked as adjusted my position to the bondage.

The bondage I had applied was a little stricter that I had expected.

In my room I stripped off my clothes, then from my secret hiding place on the floor under the bottom dresser drawer I removed my equipment several bundles of nylon rope, cable zip-ties, duct tape, and scissors. Being very slender as I was, Saras clothes were a very good fit for me. Then I slipped on the long sleeved blouse, plaid skirt and the maryjanes.

It seemed like a great time for a little adventure, but first I had to prepare. I took just a moment to notice my feminine appearance.

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