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But as it turns out, I was unprepared for the disparity between what I had imagined sex with a stranger would feel like and its reality. At the time, I blamed myself—there must be something wrong with my inability to orgasm. When the pain was over, I often lied and claimed pleasure because I was ashamed of the truth.

Obviously, many women believe that protected sex won’t get them pregnant—and are getting pregnant.But it felt weird and fake and, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.This sexual narrative was supposed to assert my autonomy, but I felt anything but empowered after a condom mishap.Find a beauty you find deserving your drive, reach out with a date offer, flirt and have zipless quality time at her place or at some hotel room.Every third couple in a chat meets for real, so hurry up and have a nice bite of the yummy pie right now!

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