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The Convention on the Rights of the Child says that no one under the age of 15 should have to fight in a war.

An optional protocol, or formal addition, to the Convention pushes that age up to 18.

In particular, you should have your say in decisions that affect you, and your opinions should be given 'due weight' according to your age and maturity.

In some countries the law considers you old enough to die for your country before you're old enough to vote.

In others, you could be forced to become a child soldier in spite of laws forbidding the practice.

The age of consent in most states is 16, and the majority of states also specify that an older teenager is permitted to have sex with a younger teenager as long as the older teenager is not older by much.

Diversity across jurisdiction and time periods does not necessarily mean that that U. is right about age and sex now when once it was wrong, or that Germany is more right about age and sex than India.

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