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As a token of thanks, we've put together a list of scholarships for the most giving, charitable students.

Whether you give back through community service or are a part of a social action project, these scholarships award your time and effort by helping you pay for college. [...] "It's okay to be white" signs were scattered on college campuses across the country, as well as in Canada over the past week.

North Carolina is very clear on both who can open an agency, and the process to be followed.

DHSR Licensure Information – Establishing a Home Care Agency DHSR Home Care and Hospice Licensure Survey Checklist North Carolina Home Care License FAQ Preparing for North Carolina Home Care Licensure Registration Form for one day licensure class One Day NC Home Care Licensing Class: We’re the only home care agency to offer the class, so we can offer 17 years of home care perspective.

Are you in search of Scholarships for students who live in North Carolina?

Scholarships of all sizes and types can be found by conducting a free, college scholarship search at

The lowest part of the spine is called the lumbar spine. However, sometimes people are born with a sixth vertebra in the lumbar region.

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The lumbar spine's shape has a lordotic curve, shaped like a backward "C." If you think of the spine as having an "S"-like shape, the lumbar region would be the bottom of the "S." The vertebrae in the lumbar spine area are the largest of the entire spine.

So the lumbar spinal canal is larger than in the cervical or thoracic parts of the spine.

We offer training every Tuesday from am to pm in our Raleigh office.

Please thoroughly review the links below prior to registering for one of our classes.

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