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To begin this process, fill out the online email form and a debt specialist will contact you.During your consultation, you go over your debt relief options, the requirements that must be met for a debt consolidation program and time requirements.On the company website, National Debt Relief thoroughly explains the severity and consequences of debt relief programs, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and debt management programs.While this may turn some people away, it is commendable for a debt consolidation service to lay out the hard truths so you know what you are getting into.The information a company presents on its website, via email and over the phone is important for selecting a debt consolidation company.It is significant when a company gives consistent information about its programs across multiple platforms.When your debts are piling up and you are unsure of how to meet monthly payments, one option is debt consolidation.

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While a consolidation plan can help you get out of debt, you need more tools to ensure you do not go back into debt.It is imperative that throughout the program you understand that you are still liable for your debts.Your creditors have no obligation to work with you or National Debt Relief and are still within their rights to make collection calls or even sue you.This company charges around 18 and 25 percent of your total enrolled debt.This means that your overall reduction is debt is around 30 percent, which is average for the industry but less than companies like New Era and Superior.

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