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Oh, and get rid of the hyphen in "a deliberately-lit fire", to give one picky prose comment.I'll try to find time for a full review at some point, but I make no guarantees. Wikipedia: Wikipedia Signpost/2008-06-26/Dispatches is a great read on this subject.It presents multiple facets of the technology, such as it's history, the technology that is being disrupted by it, as well as its potential societal impact.By the end of the year this new technology will have been commercialized and without a few years a significant number of all newborns and adults will have undergone full genome sequencing. Some of the refs are fully cited with templates while other aren't.Although not very long, it does go into necessary detail.Comments - Is there a reason why this doesn't have a transport section, like the one in Old Trafford?I did not do a close prose read or consider comprehensiveness.Here are examples of the issues I did see; the entire article will need to be rechecked to ensure that it reflects only what is in the sources (without copying and pasting).

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For example, in Societal impact: "Inexpensive, time-efficient full genome sequencing will be a major accomplishment not only for the field of Genomics, but for the entire human civilization because, for the first time, individuals will be able to have their entire genome sequenced." Many would agree that this technology will have significant impact on medical practice, but the wording of the example promotes the subject without providing much real information (see Wikipedia: Avoid_peacock_terms).If the references can't be proven reliable, they need to be removed, and information sourced to them should either be cited to a quality source or taken out. This article is plagued by unreliable sources, plagiarism, improperly sourced sections, and lack of citations, all at once.As is, the article needs to be practically rewritten.I'm also noticing some short paragraphs in the history section.Content feels thin, but a venue like Old Trafford may not be the best comparison.

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